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Have you ever listened to the winds!

Step in to JAIRAJ SPECTRUM and feel the magic of nature. We have taken utmost care to ensure the natural air circulation is unobstructed in every JAIRAJ HOME, guaranteeing natural ventilation for your home. You can not only feel the cool breeze, you can literally hear it urging you to relax and unwind!

Come, experience Jairaj Spectrum and bond with nature!

Working for a greener tomorrow

With the use of green principles like efficient use of natural light, harvesting rain water, water retreatment plant, waste recycling, etc. we at Jairaj strive to be energy efficient and converse natural resources for a greener tomorrow. We refrain from using toxic materials during construction, and comply with Vaastu Shastra and other eco-friendly principles to guarantee a healthy life indoors.

Enjoy Resort-Like life in your home

Let your kids experience a serene and green environment. Let them play with nature, drink fresh water,breath clean air, let them live a resort-like life at home.

Vastu Shastra

Offering the choice of supreme quality living spaces, Jairaj Builders has never deviated from the conventional theories that uphold flawless architecture.Each Jairaj creation is an epitome of meticulous planning and supreme quality construction. Going by the principles of Vastu Sastra, we ensure that each unit has ample ventilation and natural lighting. Right from comforting landscape to the imposing interiors, at Jairaj apartments you live your life to its fullest.

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