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Uncompromised quality

The quality of each and every building component is tested by our professional Quality Controllers before they are approved for use. Your safety and comfort is of prime importance to us. Our Engineering team monitors and supervises the project throughout the entire duration inspecting and correcting even the minute factors affecting quality and safety.

Reputation built on quality

After its establishment in the year 1959, Jairaj Projects pioneered into the field of real estate in 1998 with diversified credentials. Soon it was revered as a trusted name among the home builders of Kerala. Jairaj has a tradition of meticulous design, quality construction, large-scale amenities and premium fittings. Grace and beauty is brought into every square centimeter, with precision and attention to detail. At Jairaj, homes are built for a lifetime! Jairaj builders is a thoroughly professional construction firm that is known for its focus on quality and timely delivery.

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